What is Building a Solid Workforce?

This practical workshop offers tips and techniques about HR issues that can affect your organization including:

  • Impact of company culture on recruiting and hiring policies
  • Differences between employees and independent contractors
  • Interview questions that can put your company at risk
  • Low- and no-cost strategies to retain and motivate your employees

Why Should I attend Building a Solid Workforce?

As a manager or business owner, you realize that the success of your organization is directly tied to the quality and productivity of your employees. Building a Solid Workforce explores relevant HR issues and policies that you are tackling in your organization. Benefit by sharing your challenges while gathering ideas and best practices from cohorts within and outside your industry.

How can I attend Building a Solid Workforce?

You can register for one of our upcoming public sessions, or contact us to create a customized program that is geared toward your business and industry. For more information, please contact us.

Is Your Company Building a Solid Workforce?

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