What is Stepping Out!

InStep Consulting LLC announces the launch of Stepping Out! – a creative solution for offsite meetings and training seminars that reinforces business concepts through fun, hands-on activities.

Who Will Benefit from Stepping Out!

Stepping Out! is suitable for your offsite meetings and training seminars including Executive, Human Resources, Marketing, R&D and Sales programs. Stepping Out! is also a valuable option for focus groups to learn if clients are satisfied with your company’s products and services. Engage your staff and major clients in a creative way!

How Does Stepping Out! Work?

Based on meeting topics, managers can select from an array of Stepping Out! programs to extend learning in an informal setting. InStep Consulting LLC provides meeting design and facilitation services and coordinates experiential activities. For example, a team-building seminar for a new cross-functional unit may be followed by a structured scavenger hunt or laser tag to demonstrate the benefits of using individual strengths to reach common goals. This twofold learning approach will increase your return on investment from the team-building seminar.

Why Choose Stepping Out!

Most often, managers can’t accomplish goal setting or strategic thinking in the office. You need to take your team offsite, and you need to get creative. It’s proven that employees retain more information when they have opportunities to apply and practice what they learn. Stepping Out! provides opportunities for innovative thinking, goal setting and team building beyond the confines of a traditional conference room. By providing that ‘extra touch’ you can reduce employee turnover, get more referrals from satisfied clients, and increase sales … Go above and beyond the norm and show your primary assets – your employees and clients – you care!

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